About The Author

Dr. Esther V. Shekher is a medical doctor and has been a full-time evangelist for the past 15 years. She is the founder of Christ Rules Ministries. She has established an international prayer network (IPN) to implement the God-given vision and strategy to establish prayer cells to intercede for the salvation of the perishing souls. Dr. Esther has started around 9000 prayer cells in various nations so far.

The burning desire in her heart to know how to please the Lord and inherit all the blessings of God led her to write this book after getting a personal revelation from God through much prayer. Dr. Esther lives in US and travels to various countries preaching in churches and Pastors’ Conferences on the End Times. She has spoken in about 40 Pastors Conferences so far around the world. She is also an established TV Evangelist. You may contact the author by phone on 001-626-450-5973 or visit her website www.christrulesnations.org