All the Commandments of God—Volume II


“As a long time television producer and host, I am required to consider hundreds of books each year
for my daily Homekeepers program. No one has ever made the profound impact on my own life like
Dr. Esther V. Shekher and her books, ALL THE COMMANDMENTS OF GOD, Volumes 1 and 2.
The first time I looked through them, I realized that she has highlighted an important “truth”, sorely
needed in the church today.

Volume 2 dissects the writings of the Apostle Paul spotlighting the blessings of obedience along with
the consequences of disobedience. These books, uniquely formatted, are a refreshing rain in a desert of
writings about earthly prosperity and “self” fulfillment. They offer a valuable Biblical resource whether
used for personal benefit, a group setting or pulpit series.”

—Arthelene Rippy

The Holy Bible emphasizes that blessings of God will overtake us only when we obey God’s
commandments. There is nothing more important than obeying the commandments of God and
thereby receiving all the blessings of God!
Some of the important topics covered in this divinely inspired book are:

  • How not to live in the futility of your mind
  • Salvation, the gift of God and not of your works
  • Take your stand against the devil’s schemes
  • Supernatural occurrences during the rapture and second coming of Christ— be rapture ready
  • You are complete in Christ
  • Walk worthy of your calling
  • Jesus accepts you just as you are

This practical book will definitely be a blessing to all those who read it, especially to those who long for a much deeper walk with the Lord.